Investigator Joint Task Force

The Investigator Joint Task Force (IJTF) was created as a way to help indigent clients obtain help in investigating a worthy claim.  Several member investigators have agreed to help with this benevolence and feel this is a way of giving back to our communities.  The following are those investigators and their respective specialties:


Stuart Bayne - Fire

William Clifton - Stealth Camera

Jack Lakin - Homicide/Criminal

Jordan Lakin - Medical-DNA

Robert E. McCarter - Missing & Exploited Children /Human Trafficking

Vivian Mitchell - Missing Persons/Criminal

Dan Sherrod - Fraud/Criminal/Medical

Steven A. Williams - Social Media /Wireless Device Forensics


To request consideration of your circumstances, please send an email to

Tennessee Professional Investigators Association
P. O. Box 225 
Knoxville, TN 37901
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