Canon of Ethics

As with any organization that services the greater good, TPIA has a Canon of Ethics that all members are expected to uphold. It is a reasonable expectation that all members of TPIA are committed to the highest standard of conduct in the performance of their professional activities. While affirming the necessity and desirability of maintaining individuality and freedom of action, all members are asked to observe the following code:

Rule One:

The basic rule of professional ethics: not knowingly to do harm.

Rule Two:

The adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

Rule Three:

The accurate representation of education, training, and experience.

Rule Four:

The reports made will be based upon truth and facts; personal feelings or prejudices will not be allowed to interfere.

Rule Five:

The trust placed by either client, employee, or associate will not be betrayed in any fashion.

Rule Six:
The participation in entrapment will not be suggested, condoned, or practiced in any fashion or degree.

Rule Seven:
The acceptance of any assignment or employment, if a personal conflict of interest lies therein, will be avoided.

Rule Eight:
The basis for charges and the duties accepted should be clearly explained to the client or employer and dealt with fairly and equitably.

Rule Nine:
The professional reputation, prospects, or practice of another investigator should not be criticized. However, if there is information of unethical, illegal, deceptive, or unfair practices being performed, that information should be presented to the proper authority for action.

Rule Ten:
The obligations and responsibilities in contracts and mutual agreements should be met in a timely manner, and the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for those engaged in investigative work should never be abused.

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